Can I Sell My Home-Cooked Food on Just Eat and UberEATS?

Just Eat and Uber Eats have transformed the way we order takeaway food. There is a growing trend of autonomous food startups offering options like ‘home cooked food near me‘ utilising food delivery apps Just Eat and UberEATS.

So when you explore if can I sell home cooked food on Uber Eats or How to sell food on just eat, you will find you can start selling homemade food in a week with delivery apps. Apps like Just Eat allow users to search, place orders, pay online, and select where and when to deliver them. Apps provide options for a multitude of cuisines and restaurants to its clients.

There are many benefits when you sell food on Just Eat, as you get customers easily. It provides easy registration and handles the deliveries.

The disadvantages are that you need to rely on such platforms and you do not directly handle customer service, you need to pay the delivery charges, the brand name is not connected to your deliveries, and you need to pay the registration charges or the commission as determined by the app for each order.

Additionally, online stores do not provide the first-hand experience of regular stores. The packaging should be functional to ensure the food the customer receives when opened is the same as that prepared by the kitchen, and the product must be transported and packaged appropriately to ensure insulation and prevent contamination.

How Much Does It Cost to Sell Food on Just Eat?

With the emergence of a new kind of takeaway business run from people’s home kitchens, many at-home culinarians are selling homemade food online UK. The popularity of the search term ‘home cooked food near me‘ on online ordering systems has led to an increase in small businesses delivering food for customers through such platforms.

It is important to note that most delivery apps will only allow you to start selling if your registration is complete. For registration, you must mention the food safety and hygiene checks and upload your menu online.

It is easy to create an account name and enter the phone, email and contact details. You are invited to add a menu dish where you mention the food you want to sell. You can give any name to the dish, choose a category and describe the dish.

You will be asked to mention the quantity and cost. Also, mention if the customer needs to collect from your restaurant or home kitchen or if you will deliver for some extra charge. You confirm the location of the delivery on Google Maps, and then you upload a photo of the dish.

To find out how to sell on uber eats from home UK, compare the costs associated with different delivery apps. Understand how much does it cost to sell on Uber Eats or  Just Eat and which is better? The one-time activation fee of Uber Eats is £350, and the app states the cost covers tech-related and other set-up support provided by the team.

You pay a commission for each delivery to the digital app. The commission for Just Eat is 14% (excluding VAT) on every order. Just Eat charges a 50p admin to every order paid by the customer. Register on the website to learn how to sell on Uber Eats from home UK. 

Can I Cook Meals at Home and Sell Them?

To sell home cooked food near me, you must register your business as a Sole Trader or limited company with your local authority. Selling homemade food online UK is easy; you only have to register on the government website at least 28 days before you start your food business and get licensed to avoid legal complications.

Even if you cook meals at home and sell on public streets or roadsides, you need a Street Trading Licence. You can apply through your local authority or be fined and imprisoned for up to two years without a license.

You must have a business plan for offering home-cooked food near me or sell food on Just Eat. Select a structure that best suits your business’s needs when setting up your new catering business, check you have the appropriate permissions, or if you run your business from home or domestic premises, you must ensure you have the appropriate permissions.

How Can I Legally Sell My Homemade Food in the UK?

Legally selling homemade food online UK requires registering as a sole trader or limited company; each has different rules. You can check the latest regulations on the government website and fill in the registration form, which is an uncomplicated process and is approved in 24 hours.

Also, you need to register with the HMRC as self-employed before starting a food business to ensure you pay taxes through self-assessment.

To register with HMRC, you mention your work as self-employed, part-time, or another job. If self-employed, you can claim the daily food expenses and food allowances. HMRC offers tax relief when preparing the self-assessment tax return.

Self-employed get allowable expenses like accommodation, travel, health insurance, and publication or subscriptions related tax-free allowances, though they differ depending on each situation. For example – HMRC allows a deduction of 50% on day-to-day meals if you keep records. So one can claim back expenses exclusively for a business.

You must contact your local authority or visit the authority’s website to seek guidance for selling homemade food online uk.

All food preparation premises must be registered with the Environmental Health Office. You must know the general food safety laws to start your business.

The local environment officers inspect and approve your premises or may advise you to change the premises, the walls, the countertops and other areas to maintain a hygienic cooking environment to meet the legal requirements. Your staff must be trained in Level 2 food safety handling and hygiene.

Also, you need proper equipment and supplies that the inspector will see to ensure your business’s success.

There are regulations in case you employ someone, even if they are family, you must have valid Employer Liability Insurance and display the certificate in the place of work.

Plus, you need to get the Health & Safety Policy Document and the Fire Risk Assessment if you hire over 5 persons, and you must comply with food safety, hygiene and quality that require you to have separate hand and pot washing facilities.

All persons involved in contact with food must have hygiene training to be allowed to work on the premises.  

You must comply with the implementation, maintenance and documentation of the Food Safety Management System based on HACCP principles. You must carry out the health & safety risk assessment at regular intervals or if the conditions of the business change.

For packaging, you must follow a suitable HACCP system. Regarding delivering parcels or couriers or selling homemade food online UK knows the rules related to prohibited / perishable items.

You can deliver food yourself, hire a local delivery agent or a third party, or register with the digital delivery app. To use the digital app for selling homemade food online UK, you must register to the app, check registration rules, provide allergen information, and follow the labelling laws.

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